Launched by Myriam and her sister Brittany, both passionate about architecture and decoration, Maison Elys shares its own vision of well-being.

Maison Elys is a family story, one in which several generations and personalities enrich one another. At the start of it all, a message passed on by a father according to which beauty must always combine quality, sustainability and usefulness. A message that is a testimony of his passion for antiques and vintage items with a history.
On the other hand, the sophistication of a mother who, in opposition, shows a deep liking for modernity and refinement.

As a result, a positive contradiction that nurtures both sisters’ decorative spirit as well as their respective personalities while fostering within themselves an open minded stance and the awareness of respect for both each and every one’s tastes and Nature.

Fascinated by nature’s beauty and goodness, they specialized in Biophilic Design then developed their own guide to interior design. Their method is based on scientific studies on well-being, takes into account the five senses so that everyday life can be fully lived, in an outstanding manner and advocates a form of medicine for the home.

It is by this explosive cocktail that Maison Elys stands to imagine eclectic and timeless spaces with well-being as a watchword, giving soul to modernity and ensuring perfect symbiosis with their inhabitants.

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