Welcome to Maison Elys world

Our mission is to provide a setting where your body and mind
are able to unwind and recharge their batteries.

To that purpose, Maison Elys specializes in the design of areas dedicated to wellness.

The expression of a holistic and eclectic interior art
in a bubble of well-being

Wellness, what for?

Today, more than ever, we need to get back to our roots and we believe that nature must be integrated into our living spaces. We advocate the human experience through Biophilic Design to live in full harmony with our environment.
To imagine and design a living space most suited to your needs.
Beyond sheltering you, interiors should resemble you, comfort you, entertain you and allow you to feel psychologically restored.

What is biophilia?

Biophilia literally means the love one feels towards life and living things, one’s tendency to be closely associated with other forms of life in nature. It defines the innate human instinct to connect with nature and other living beings.
In space design, biophilia is about creating personal and professional environments that enhance health and well-being, by incorporating elements of nature in those environments, to promote fulfillment in one’s daily life.

Our process

Fascinated by nature’s beauty and goodness, we have developed our very own guide to indoor well-being. To design and build spaces by playing with volumes, light, shapes, materials, colors, style and furniture. We take into consideration the place’s history as well but most of all we reveal in maintaining alignment with your personality and wishes. Our process is based on scientific studies and takes into account the five senses so that everyday life can be fully lived, in an outstanding manner.

Our commitments


Being in touch with and fully listening to our clients is at the heart of our creative process to be able to acknowledge their wishes and respect their character.


Displaying an overflowing creativity that knows no bound and renews itself in order to make any projects specifically unique.


Paying extreme attention to details, from the flow of circulation to the choice of coffee spoons, in order to bring this extra touch that will make your daily life much more pleasant.

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